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Hosting your own Facebook Competition

Gaining a solid following on social networks helps build a great communications platform on the web. But it can be a slow process.

One of the most popular methods of gaining likes and follows these days are social network competitions. The premise is simple: give away a prize to one of your followers once you reach either a goal (10,000 likes) or a date.

Your best bet is to give away an item or service that is sought after, either in value or in scarcity. To make the most of your competition, your prize should be relevant to what you do. Companies that give away miscellaneous gift hampers tend to be forgotten amidst all of the others, but the Experience Day Co. offering a Free Supercar Driving Experience to one of their lucky likes is much more cemented.

There are other types of Facebook Competition such as Caption Competitions and Photo Competitions, but these are more for your existing followers than your potential ones.

Setting up your competition

Due to some privacy limitations that Facebook imposes, seemingly simple tasks like viewing all of your Likes are impossible – which will be integral to choosing your winner. To fill the gap, many applications are on offer to help you run your competition. A few of the famed favourites are ShortStack and SocialComments. These will allow you to set up your competition and manage likes with ease, albeit for a small fee depending on the number of fans you’re working with.

Making the rules clear

It’s important to detail all of the rules for your competition from your outset. Here are some questions that you’ll wan tot be upfront about with your new fans:

  • Who can enter your competition?

  • If you’re asking for people to send in entries like their own photos, what will you use them for?

  • How are you selecting the winner?

  • Is there anything that isn’t included in your prize? Think travel, delivery costs etc.

A little design goes a long way

If you want to stand tall amongst everybody’s facebook feed, you’ll need some eye-catching graphics for your competition. A big heading along the lines of ‘Win our Biggest Prize to Date’ ‘Like and Share to Enter’ will communicate your purpose quickly, coupled with some of your company’s colours and a relevant photo of the prize you’re giving away.

Encourage sharing for the biggest audience

Once you’re set to go, make sure you encourage sharing and send out regular updates about the contest.

When your contest is over, keep pushing out relevant content. “Didn’t win our competition? Here’s 15% off for our beloved Facebook fans.” You want to retain your

Russell Bishop

Russell Bishop

November 28, 2013



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